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Michelle Hinder ~ FASA ~ Groups: All Breeds(Group 2 Tutor)

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My love of all animals, particularly horses and cats has led me to where I am today. We always had cats growing up, and my first brush with my chosen breed, Burmese was a beautiful brown girl that 'worked' at a quarter horse stud where we showed our horses.

Fast forward to my adult life, and I purchased our first cream Burmese in 2006. I knew nothing about standards or showing, but gave it a try, and was addicted. I registered my prefix Leewood in 2007 and began my breeding program, which has been very successful, producing many Supremes, from the Royal Adelaide Show to the the CCCA National Show. One of my favourite girls is featured on the CCCA website as one of very few Burmese to achieve her CCCA National Show title.

This year, 2019, my prefix won Group 3 Breeder of the Year, something I'm very proud of.

I've worked in most aspects of our cat fancy, from clerking, to running shows, and began stewarding early on. I thoroughly enjoy stewarding, and if I'm not judging, you'll always find me in my white coat handling beautiful cats.

In 2015 FASA ran a judging course, starting with Group 2, where I was qualified in 2017. I have since completed my Group 3 to be a qualified All Shorthair CCCA Judge. I've began my Group 1 training this year, with my ambition to be an All breeds Judge firmly in my sights.

I currently serve on the FASA Management Committee, and Breeds and Standards sub committee, and am a member of several cat clubs in SA.

The Cat Fancy is a passion of mine that I share with my kitten buyers, and I actively encourage new exhibitors to attend shows and participate in our lovely hobby.

In my 'other life' I help my husband run our horse training business WH Performance Horses, where we specialise in training elite reining horses and cow horses. My life revolves around animals, only the size of the pooper scooper varies!